North of Scotland War Memorials


Durness War Memorial

Durness War Memorial

There is one First World Warl and one Second World War Panel on the memorial. Information given on the First World War panel is Rank, Name, Home and Unit, the Home information is omitted on the Second World War panel. Each panel has been copied exactly, I have put the home location in italics to ease reading.



1914 - 1918

Capt. Allan Gilmour Durness & Rosehall Lovat Scouts

Lieut. Donald MacLeod M.C. Lerin 1st Border Regt.

Lieut. J. A. M. Scobie Smoo 59th Scinde Rfls.

Lieut. John A. N. M. Scobie Smoo R.E.

Lieut. Keith M. Scobie Smoo R.A.F.

Pte. Geo. Horne Balnakeil Seaforths

Pte. Hector Levy Balnakeil Seaforths

Pte. George Levy Balnakeil Can. Scott.

Pte. John Levy Balnakeil Camerons

L.Cpl. John MacDonald Capeside Seaforths

Pte. Alexander MacLeod Carbreck Seaforths

Pte. Archibald Clark Erriboll A.I.F.

Pte. Donald Fraser Erriboll Well. Regt. N.Z.

Pte. John D. Fraser Erriboll K.O.S.B.

Pte. Robert Mackay Erriboll Seaforths

Pte. John M. Ross Erriboll Camerons

L.Cpl. Hugh Gunn Laid Scots Guards

Pte. Jessan Gunn Laid Camerons

Pte. Alex. Cambell Laid Seaforths

Pte. Donald Stewart Laid Gordons

Pte. Kenneth Sutherland Laid R.A.M.C.

Pte. Roderick C. Sutherland Laid Seaforths

Sgt. Hugh MacDonald Lerin Royal Hrs.

Cpl. Donald E. MacKay Lerin Seaforths

Pte. William Morrison Lerin Can. Scott.

Sgt. Roderick Munro Sangomore H.L.I.

L.Cpl. William MacKay Sangomore Seaforths

Pte. James Campbell Sangomore Seaforths

Pte. Henry C. MacLeod Sangomore Seaforths

Pte. Alexander Ross Sangomore K.O.S.B.

A.S. William Swanson Sangomore R.N.R



1939 - 1945

Capt. J.G.F. Buxton Grenadier Guards

L/Sea. C.C. Grigor Royal Navy

Qmstr. J. Hatton Merchant Navy

Rev. J. MacDougall Chaplain 2nd Seaforth Hdrs.