Scotland (North) Branch

Centenary Project


Those who died during the Great War will be remembered at ceremonies large and small on the battlefields and at home, however, we felt that there was a risk that a particular group might be forgotten – the ones who are buried all around us in local cemeteries.

Many men died of wounds after being brought back to the UK and families could then bring the body home for burial; while others died in accidents, of illness or through natural causes whilst serving with the armed forces.

Within the borders of the modern county of Moray (which includes most of the old Morayshire and the western part of Banffshire) we have identified more than 120 men who died in the UK (between 4 August 1914 and 11 November 1918) and were buried locally.

Our project aims to have a branch member visit the site of each burial on the centenary of the man’s death and place a poppy cross at the headstone.

On this section of the website we will publish the photographs of each grave over the next four years.


Click on the links below to see the details of each grave.


WFA member Jill Stewart, has published a book on those buried in Moray and Nairn. The book costs £8 + P&P contact Jill Stewart to order a copy.